Registration and Fees

Early Bird Registration

Early bird registration occurs at the end of a given season and runs into August in a normal year.  For the 2020 summer season, it will open during October of 2019 and end by Thanksgiving of 2019.  It gives ONLY current season members, (in good financial standing, that have completed all their parental obligations), the opportunity to secure their Amherst Swim Team membership for the next season, by paying an early (e.g. before spring registration) nonrefundable Amherst Swim Team membership fee and filling out next season’s medical form.  Registration is done online. Other business such as suit purchases, handbook distribution, parent volunteer sign ups, and volunteer times will be handled at regular registration.

For future reference, please note if a family want to use the pool for recreation, a Maude Neiding pool membership pass for the season will need to be purchased independently at the AMHERST CITY TREASURER’S OFFICE at 408 Park Ave. (next to the Amherst Public Library). ASST has nothing to do with pool passes.

Regular Registration

Regular registration begins and September and the online link remains open through April in a normal year.  For the 2020 season, regular registration will begin in December and go through April normally but due to coronavirus, registration ends Saturday, May 30th.  Registration is open to Amherst School District students and/or full-time residents who are interested in joining the team. Please note that the Amherst Swim Team has a large membership and we limit the number of swimmers for both boys and girls in all but the youngest competitive age groups. This is done to provide adequate practice time, guarantee at least 2 events per meet, and ensure swimmer safety.

In order to meet insurance requirements, a safety assessment that will insure that the swimmer can safely swim the 25 yard length of the Maude Neiding Pool will be done during the first practice. Any swimmer not passing the assessment will be ruled INELIGIBLE for the swim season, and a refund of swim team fees will be given.

The season kickoff is held in May.  At this event, families can:

Medical forms are completed or updated.
Handbooks, including the season’s meet schedule are distributed.
Merchandise, such as sweat pants, shirts caps are ordered.
Parents select and sign-up for their season’s volunteer duties.



Fees for Amherst School district full-time resident for the 2020 season are $131 per swimmer ($161 after early bird deadline), plus $15 concession fee per family.

The Amherst Swim Team is open to Amherst School District residents and/or students. Registration fee amounts will be announced prior to the registration session.  All registration goes through our link.  All fees are paid online and are NON REFUNDABLE, with the exception of a failed safety assessment.

Parent volunteer obligations of 3 assignments per year are required. Parents may sign up for these at spring registration held in May; however, you can volunteer to assist throughout the season.  See parent/guardian obligation section or the handbook for details.

Fees MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO THE FIRST PRACTICE OF THE SEASON. Swimmers will not be permitted to practice if membership fees are not paid.


Members are required to pay the Amherst Swim Team any bank fees associated with insufficient funds checks.