Parent/Guardian Obligations

Sign Up Genius Instructions

The Amherst Swim Team exists to provide a successful swim team experience, including competition to its member swimmers.  This requires parent volunteers to complete three volunteer obligations during the season.  Remember, it is the participation of families at the meets and all other aspects of the Amherst Swim Team that make the program successful.  Without your assistance the program would surely grind to a halt!

  • During spring registration, parents are REQUIRED to sign up for specific tasks that are crucial to the smooth, successful operation of our swim meets.
  • As stated in the FEES section of this handbook, the Parent Worker Credit Program has been put into place.
  • It will be the obligation of the parent/guardian to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator during the swim meet or event that you have signed up for to work. If you do NOT check in with the Volunteer Coordinator, you will not receive credit for working that particular meet or event.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will keep a current record of what has been completed.  It is the obligation of the parent/guardian to make sure that the record of participation is current and accurate.
  • Those families who volunteer to chair a committee or to serve on the Executive Board are EXEMPT from the operational assignments of any meet or event.
  • DON’T WORRY!  Parents get “on the job” training for both operational and support activities; previous experience is NOT required!
  • Registration includes the $15 per family concession fee.  This will be used to purchase the items sold at home meets.

The section below has more specific information about operational and support tasks



Located at a shaded table next to the lanes, this post has a “bird’s eye” view.

  • Must feel comfortable with a microphone.
  • Announce staging and meet/race information.
  • Work with the scoring chair and officials to ensure a smooth meet.
  • Knowledge of how a swim meet runs is a bonus as they impact the tone and operation of the meet.


The job begins once the scorer has had an opportunity to tabulate event winners.  Please report to the Ribbons table at the start of Event 19.

  • Collet results from scorer table.
  • Write names on ribbons and place them in mailbox folders.
  • DO NOT allow swimmers to collect their ribbons during the meet.  They can pick them up at the next practice.

Clerk of Course is the staging area for swimmers. Here swimmers are sorted into the correct heats and lanes prior to their event.

  • Clerks are responsible for reviewing the heat sheet and placing swimmers in chairs according to event, heat, and lane.
  • Clerks escort swimmers one heat at a time to the blocks for their races. To maintain the correct order, 8 and under swimmers need to hold hands as they walk.
  • This job is best suited for a calm and patient individual who can stay organized under pressure.

Feed the masses!

  • Concessions is broken into two shifts. The early shift helps with setting up and the later shift helps with taking down.
  • Both shifts spend time doing sales during the meet.
  • Concessions Chairs will purchase items for sale and order pizza—volunteers will help replenish snacks and serve pizza.
  • Volunteers should be comfortable handling money and making change.

This position supervises the timers. Head timers should have previous timing experience.

  • Prior to the meet, the Head Timer will verify that we have enough timers. If not, head timer will secure more timers.
  • The Head Timer will assign two timers to a lane and will pass out their clipboards and stop watches.
  • The Head Timer ensures that the timers are doing their job properly.
  • The Head Timer also serves as a back-up timer by starting a watch at the beginning of each heat, in the event that one of the timers fails to start their watch.


Get right on the edge of the pool and press the button on your stopwatch. It’s that easy.

  • Prior to the meet, Timers meet with the Official by the scorer’s table for instructions.
  • There are two timers per lane.
  • Their job is to time the swimmer in their lane each race (or heat).
  • Check the name of the swimmer with the name on the card.
  • Both timers record their time on the swimmer’s card, which is taken by the runner.  It’s essentially starting a watch on the flash and the beep of the starting system and stopping it when the swimmer in your lane touches the wall.

Runners, a fairly straightforward position, are required to “run” information from the timers to the scoring table.

  • Runners pass out the swimmer’s cards to the correct lane timer.
  • After each event, the runner collects cards from the Timers and takes them to the scorer.
  • Runners must work quickly and efficiently.


The set up crew arrives early to ensure that everything is in place for the meet.

  • Arrive at 4:00 p.m. the day of the meet
  • Assist scorer with unloading car and setting up table, canopy, sound system, and starter.
  • Take out white plastic chairs from shed and set up Clerk of Course.
  • Assist concessions setting up tables, canopy, and taking out coolers from the shed.
  • Set up table and canopy for Ribbons crews.


This crew stays after the meet to ensure that everything is cleaned up.

  • Break down canopies and tables.
  • Put coolers and Clerk of Chairs back in the shed.
  • Patrol pool deck and grass area for trash/lost and found items.
  • Assist scorer with loading gear into car.


The parking crew works to ensure that the overflow lot is organized and directs traffic.

  • Please wear neon vest found in the shed.
  • Work as a team to direct cars into overflow lot and maximize parking space.


At the end of the year, this crew will assist the Banquet Organizers.

  • Arrive early to set up tables and food.
  • Serve food and refill as needed.
  • Clean up after the banquet and after the swim party.



            Job                     Description

Fundraising        Raising Amherst Swim Team Money

Merchandise      Selling team suits, goggles, caps and other merchandise

Team Photos      Arranging team photo session

Slideshow           Collecting photos and preparing slideshow for banquet

Scorers                Recording each score



Parent Code

Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress.  Working together is a SUCCESS!

—      I will remember that children are involved in organized sports for their own enjoyment, not mine.

—      I will not force my unwilling child to participate in swimming.

—      I will teach my child that honest effort is as important as victory, so that the result of each competition is accepted without undue disappointment.

—      I will help my child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship.

—      I will require that my child respect other people and their property.

—      I will encourage my child to attend practice.

—      I will work cooperatively with the coaching staff.

—      I will applaud the efforts of home and opposing teams.

—      I will not ridicule or yell at my child or another child for making mistakes.

—      I will not question the official’s judgment or honesty in public.

—      I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s sporting activities.

—      I will take any concerns or problems about the team directly to the Amherst Swim Team Executive Board BEFORE discussing them with other parents.

—      I will actively participate in the Amherst Swim Team organization.